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Wills & Estates

A properly drafted will is a gift you give your loved ones. By providing clear direction you spare them uncertainty and make the process of estate administration easier. Wills vary from simple to elaborate and can include instructions about care of minor children and gifts to charity.

While a will may be one of the most simple estate planning documents, it is not foolproof. As the estate litigation team at KRINSKY & MUSUMECI, can attest, a poorly drafted will can lead to costly court battles. By working with  the experienced estate planning attorneys at KRINSKY & MUSUMECIA, we can ensure that your will is legally valid, clear and unambiguous, and complies with applicable current laws.

Wills and Trusts

Whether you need a will or a living trust will depend upon your goals and your financial situation. As a general rule, a living trust is more expensive to create and administer, but it saves money by avoiding probate.

Wills can work together with trusts to ensure that all of your property is transferred to your heirs. A will that handles this function is called a pour-over will, because it "pours" property that hadn't previously been transferred into the trust at the time of death.

On the other hand, some types of property don't require a will or a trust to transfer assets. Property owned in joint tenancy will go automatically to the surviving joint tenant. Assets that specifically name a beneficiary-pension funds, "in trust for" bank accounts, insurance policies-will go to the named beneficiary.

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